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Thanks for stopping by  Here you will find tips, how-to videos and resources to rebuild a 1966 Mustang.  If you are looking for a site to show you the latest and greatest tools and repair methods, then you may be disappointed.  This is a family rebuild project with my twin boys using DIY methods from home.  Follow along the videos and years as we rebuild our Mustang and get it ready to drive down the road.

In part 1, we’ll discuss the condition of the 1966 Mustang and one of the most common mistake made when getting a car ready for body repair or painting.

In part 2, we’ll show you how to remove the fenders on the 66 Mustang and how to store your hardware.

In part 3, we give you a progress update on the Mustang.  We’ll inspect the front brakes and shocks.

In part 4, we are going to show you a method for finding dents to assure dents are not missed before painting.

In part 5, we are going to demonstrate a metal finishing dent repair method using a propane torch.

In part 6, we are going to start removing the quarter panel from the mustang.

In part 7, we demonstrate the steps to drill out spot welds using a cordless drill and a seam buster.

In part 8, We’re going to remove the rear quarter glass and the outer wheelhouse using basic hand tools.

In part 9, we straighten and clean-up the flanges and test fit the outer wheelhouse to assure proper fit.

In Part 10, we will treat rusted metal and melt lead to drill spot welds at section location.

In part 11, we will prime and paint the inner structure using spray can products.
In part 12, we cut out the rusted rear lower filler panel and use it as a template to fabricate a new part.


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